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A great team behind Raimsa Grapes

Meet the management team behind Raimsa Grapes' commitment and success

Raimsa Grapes is a company committed to the production and distribution of high quality table grapes. Behind this successful company is a team led by experts in the agricultural, production and business management sector, who contribute their knowledge and experience to achieve an efficient and sustainable operation.

The Sánchez Petit siblings lead the company with skill and vision

RAIMSA GRAPES is a family business which is committed to and passionate about the production of table grapes, taking great care of each and every one of its farms.

The company is led by the Sánchez Petit brothers, who lead each department with skill and great vision for the future. Juan Antonio, as CEO, oversees the overall operation of the company and guides its strategic development. As Financial Director, Pilar ensures that all the company’s economic concerns are under control. Ángel manages production on the farms, overseeing and optimising each stage of the grape production process. The combination of their experience and dedication, together with great teamwork and specialisation in each area, make RAIMSA GRAPES a leading company in the production and marketing of table grapes of exceptional quality.

Raimsa Grapes' Commercial Director leads innovation in table grape varieties

Tomás Rosatto, Commercial Director and Director of the Technical Department for the Introduction of New Varieties at Raimsa Grapes, has been a key element in the successful revitalisation of innovative table grape varieties in the company.

His job is to select varieties suitable for the prevailing soil and climatic conditions, which has resulted in the production of high quality table grapes which are highly sought after in the market.

Thanks to Rosatto’s dedication and knowledge, Raimsa Grapes is expanding its product catalogue to satisfy the needs of customers and end consumers. In addition, his work has enabled the company to remain a leader in the production and marketing of table grapes in national and international markets.

Rosatto’s innovative approach and strategic vision have been instrumental to Raimsa Grapes’ success in the renewal of certain table grape varieties. His leadership in the Technical Department for the Introduction of New Varieties ensures that the company is at the forefront of the industry.