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Tradition and Innovation

We grow more than 30 varieties of table grapes (white, red and black) in 250 hectares of land. Our production is mainly focused on seedless varieties, although we a part is still devoted to the traditional varieties typical of the region of the Medio Vinalopó Valley.

A few minutes from our vineyards we have a 6,000 m2 facility with a fully temperature-controlled production and packaging area for the preparation and handling of the product, as well as storage rooms and pre-cooling tunnels to guarantee increased shelf-life and complete customer satisfaction.

Detail of the estates in the La Romana area

Plan of the farms in the Salinas area

Location of Raimsa Grapes HQ

More than quality

Raimsa is committed to food quality and safety, the environment, work ethics and the prevention of occupational hazards.

Innovation and sustainability

RAIMSA constantly strives to improve the quality of its products in order to satisfy its customers and end consumers. To this end, we carry out ongoing research into new varieties, always starting out from natural crosses and without using genetic engineering.

Our farming methods follow strict criteria of environmental sustainability and a rigorous respect for natural resources. New varieties undergo a long process of adaptation to the particular climatic conditions of the Valley of the Grapes and the characteristics of its soil, until arriving at a level of safety and quality that make them optimal for consumption