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Committed to quality

RAIMSA believes that taking care of food quality and safety, the environment, work ethics and the prevention of occupational hazards relating to its processes, products and services are key to remaining competitive in the national and international markets.

BRCS Certificate

The objective of the BRCS protocols (a Food Quality and Safety Management System) is to ensure that as suppliers of food products we comply with all the specifications of the current legislation on food safety standards, with the aim of achieving the highest quality standards for consumer peace of mind.

IFS food certificate

The IFS standard (Food Quality and Safety Management) is a safety system designed specifically for the food industry that certifies the safety and quality of processed food products and production processes.

Manufacturers of food products and packaging companies that hold this standard accredit the supply of safe food products in accordance with the specifications of current legislation.

GLOBAL GAP Certificate

These certifications guarantee compliance with Quality systems according to the codes of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) issued by the EUREP organization, and as part of one single audit cover aspects as varied as reasonable water consumption; the controlled use of plant-protection products in order to minimise their impact on food, human beings and the environment; and strict compliance with labour legislation.

SPRING certificate

The SPRING Certificate establishes rigorous criteria for the evaluation of sustainable water management based on the GLOBAL GAP Integrated Farm Assurance Standard (IFA). It includes criteria such as the legality of water sources, best practices in water management, protection of water sources, monitoring of water consumption and the impact of producers on the sustainable management of water basins.

GRASP certificate

The GRASP Certificate (pertaining to Risk Assessment in Social Practices) is a tool that helps producers demonstrate their compliance with labour legislation. It offers buyers greater assurance and helps protect the people who work on our farms by establishing a good social management system in productive areas.

Nurture Certificate

Nurture certification aims to guarantee the quality and healthiness of fruit and vegetable products marketed in the supermarkets of the British chain TESCO. To this end, a series of requirements based on good agricultural practices, sustainable development and social welfare are established. Nurture covers all types of fruits and vegetables, both conventional and organic, as well as flowers and ornamentals.

Seal of the Regulatory Council of Vinalopó's "Wrapped on the Vine" Table Grape Designation of Origin.

This seal guarantees that these grapes are produced in accordance with traditional techniques to achieve the highest quality standards, and compliance with the parameters determined by the Regulatory Board is monitored weekly by inspectors from the Designation of Origin.

HACCP Certificate

Compliance with European Union regulations regarding hygiene and health, based on HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), a mandatory system for food companies (Regulation EC 852/2004 of the Parliament and of the Council). This makes it possible to control and analyse any dangers and critical points of possible contamination by microbial, physical or chemical agents in order to avoid food poisoning.