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More than five decades of experience in grape production

RAIMSA GRAPES is a family business with more than five decades of experience in the production and marketing of fresh table grapes. Our vineyards are located in the centre of the Vinalopó Valley, a special place between mountains and sea with a mild climate throughout the year resulting in a fertile and abundant land.

Tradition in the production of quality table grapes

For generations, the members of RAIMSA GRAPES have been dedicated to table grapes, taking care of every stage in the cultivation process from planting and harvesting, to handling and marketing, in order to obtain a product of optimal quality for the final consumer.

Global leader in production and marketing

Thanks to our constant effort to improve the quality of our products, we have increased our share of the international market year on year.

Our latest seedless table grape varieties are in high demand from customers around the world due to their excellent taste, texture, durability and quality.

Currently, our products can be found in major supermarkets in numerous countries in Europe, North America, South America, Central Africa, South Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

The Sánchez Petit siblings and their passion for table grapes

For almost five decades, the family business RAIMSA GRAPES has been dedicated to the production of table grapes with great commitment and passion for the product. Cultivating the land with dedication, and working as a team led by the Sánchez Petit siblings, who lead the company with great skill and vision for the future.

Juan Antonio, CEO, oversees the operation of the company as a whole and guides its strategic development. As Financial Director, Pilar ensures that all the company’s economic concerns are under control. Ángel manages production on the farms, overseeing and optimising each stage of the grape production process, from planting to harvesting and commercialisation. The combination of the three siblings’ experience and dedication, together with great teamwork and specialisation of each in their particular department, make RAIMSA GRAPES a leading company in the production and marketing of table grapes of exceptional quality.