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Conchi Martínez del Área de Calidad de Raimsa Grapes

More than quality

Raimsa Grapes: Committed to quality

At Raimsa Grapes, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and food safety at every stage of our production chain. We value quality control certificates as an ongoing part of our processes. Our company upholds the importance of taking care of food quality and safety, the environment, work ethics and the prevention of occupational hazards in everything we do. These values are key to being competitive both nationally and internationally.

Compliance with food safety regulations.

Our main objective is to ensure that, as suppliers of food products, we comply with all the specifications of the current legislation on food safety standards. We strive to achieve the highest quality standards to provide peace of mind to our consumers.

At Raimsa Grapes, we work hard to maintain our reputation as a reliable company committed to excellence. We value the trust our customers place in us and strive to exceed their expectations with every delivery.

The successful implementation of the quality standards is assured by Conchi Martínez, Quality Standards Manager for Raimsa Grapes.

Thank you for choosing Raimsa Grapes and for being part of our commitment to quality and food safety!

BRC standard: maximum standards of quality and food safety

Raimsa Grapes is also BRC accredited. This is a Food Safety and Quality Management System that guarantees that suppliers of food products comply with all the specifications of current legislation on food safety standards, with the aim of achieving the highest quality standards for consumer peace of mind.

IFS Standard: food safety and quality assurance

Raimsa implements the Food Quality and Safety Management System based on the IFS (International Food Standard). This standard is designed specifically for the food industry and certifies the safety and quality of processed food products and production processes.

GLOBAL GAP Certificate: compliance with Good Agricultural Practices

In addition, Raimsa Grapes holds quality certificates such as the GLOBAL GAP Certificate, which guarantees compliance with Quality Systems according to the codes of Good Agricultural Practices (gap) issued by the EUREP organisation.

SPRING certificate: sustainable water management on farms

The SPRING Certificate establishes rigorous criteria for assessing sustainable water management. It includes criteria such as the legality of water sources, best practices in water management, protection of water sources, monitoring of water consumption and the impact of producers on the sustainable management of water basins.

GRASP certificate: compliance with labour legislation in primary production

The company also holds GRASP Certification, which evaluates compliance with labour legislation at farm level. It offers buyers a greater guarantee and helps protect the people who work on our farms 

Nurture certificate: quality and healthiness of the products marketed

The Nurture Certificate guarantees the quality and healthiness of fruit and vegetable products sold in the supermarkets of the British chain, TESCO. It is based on criteria such as good agricultural practice, sustainable development and social welfare.

Commitment to the environment

In short, Raimsa Grapes focuses on quality and implements it throughout the production, manufacturing and marketing chain of its products. The company not only cares about offering safe and quality food, but also cares about the environment, work ethic and sustainability of its processes.

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